The Res Publica Society

Established in 1968, the Res Publica Society takes its name from the Latin phrase for “public affairs.”  The tradition of the Society is to both advance the mission of Claremont McKenna College, and to provide opportunities to CMC students through charitable contributions.

The Res Publica Society is comprised of the most generous donors to the Fund for CMC every year.  Together, these members constitute the leadership giving community of Claremont McKenna College. Their philanthropy has a profound impact on the lives of CMC students.

Membership in the Res Publica Society is awarded based on a donor family’s total contribution in a given College year.  Beginning this year, the minimum contribution for membership is a gift of $1,946, in honor of the year of CMC’s founding.* Recent graduates may join the society at adjusted rates as Res Publica Associates.

Res Publica Society members gather several times a year at various functions to celebrate their collective impact on CMC students. Often, these events are also attended by students, in order to commemorate the impact of Res Publica Society gifts. Every single member family makes a gift sufficiently generous to profoundly benefit CMC students.



Res Publica Society Giving Levels


Res Publica Society   -   $1,946

President's Society   -   $5,000

President's Society Sponsors   -   $10,000

President's Society Patrons   -   $25,000

President's Circle   -   $50,000

Res Publica Associates

First Four Years and Seniors (2009-2013)   -   $150

5th Reunion through Nine Years (2004-2008)   -   $500

10th Reunion through Fourteen Years (1999-2003)   -   $1,000