If "green" truly is "the new red, white, and blue," as Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times columnist and recent Res Publica and Athenaeum speaker Thomas Friedman said, then America has another new diet with teeth. In this environmental fitness program, waist-conscientiousness has become waste-conscientiousness; carbohydrate counting has turned to carbon counting. And instead of dropping pounds, this one's about shedding carbon emissions that heat the atmosphere.

The Claremont McKenna College community places a high value on environmental stewardship as well as working on campus and within the community to build and support sustainability and carbon neutral practices. In 2007, CMC President Pamela Gann signed the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment, with the College also developing a campus-specific plans over the next two years.

Already, CMC tracks environmental impacts as reported by The Roberts Environmental Center, and takes steps to reduce its environmental footprints. Sustainability Guidelines have been adopted to encourage leadership opportunities in such areas as power use, building construction, waste management practices, and purchasing.

Green@CMC features these sustainability efforts and initiatives, stories of environmental impact, and information on getting involved.


Students roll up their sleeves during the annual Freshman Community Service Project.