Information Technology Advisory Board

Evans ITAB Networking Trip

Silicon Valley

January 12-17, 2014

2014 SVNT

Back Row (left to right): David Leathers ’15, Kyle Weiss ’15, Daniel Beer ’15, Marco Martellini ’14, Bennett Jones ’14, Alexandra Cooke ’14, Shantanu Garg ’14, Philip Liao ’14, Mackenzie Humes ’15, Chad Tarpley ’15; and Front Row (left to right): Yu Fu ’16, Benjamin Goldberg ’15, Benjamin Tillotson ’15, Kendyl Klein ’14, Brian Lillie P’17, Megan Kelley ’14, Shannon Miller ’16, Christian Ayala ’15, Kathryn Yao ’14, Kelly Chen ’14, Chong Shen ’16, and Barton Evans ’70.

The Evans ITAB Networking Trip 2014 Student Delegation

Twenty students were selected from a very competitive applicant pool of sixty-two CMC students.

Christian Ayala ’15, Economics and Mathematics
Daniel Beer ’15, International Relations
Kelly Chen ’14, Psychology and International Relations
Alexandra Cooke ’14, Philosophy and Government
Yu Fu ’16, International Relations
Shantanu Garg ’14, PPE with Economics (dual)
Benjamin Goldberg ’15, Economics and Computer Science (dual)
Mackenzie Humes ’15, Management Engineer
Bennett Jones ’14, Government and Legal Studies (dual)
Megan Kelley ’14, Economics with a Leadership Sequence
Kendyl Klein ’14, Media Studies
David Leathers ’15, PPE
Philip Liao ’14, Economics
Marco Martellini ’14, Economics and Spanish
Shannon Miller ’16, Mathematics and PPE
Chong Shen ’16, International Relations and Economics (dual)
Chad Tarpley ’15, Economics and Engineering
Ben Tillotson ’15, Philosophy and Public Affairs
Kyle Weiss ’15, Economics and Philosophy
Kathryn Yao ’14, PPE

Trip Dates:

January 12-17, 2014

Trip HQ:

The Four Seasons Hotel
East Palo Alto, CA

Corporate Hosts:

Atlassian; Bloom Energy; Box; eBay/PayPal; Equinix; Fuze; Google; Intuit; Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.; Microsoft; Twilio