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Planning An Event

How to plan an event:

One of the most underestimated tasks for students is planning an event. Many students either plan poorly or fail to plan at all what is usually their greatest opportunity to project a positive image for their peers. This guide provides information about policies, resources and steps related to planning a successful event on or off campus. You are encouraged to look it over and then contact the Student Activities Office in Heggblade Center for further assistance in planning your event. Click here for event check list.

Event Hosting:

The laws of the State of California specify that people under the age of twenty-one may not consume, possess or distribute alcohol. It is also unlawful for any person to sell, furnish or give any alcoholic beverage to anyone under twenty-one. Minors who use false identification in order to obtain alcoholic beverages are guilty of a misdemeanor. In compliance with the State and local laws, Claremont McKenna College prohibits the illegal use of alcohol on college property. Hosts of events may be held liable by the college, the courts or both for policy violations. Please read the Event Hosting Guidelines for detailed information about hosting events on campus, including those with alcohol.

Click here for Event Hosting Guidelines.


All event advertising and publicity (including advertising through electronic medium such as email or social media forums)should accurately describe the nature of the event and should not mention alcohol directly or indirectly, nor use alcohol as an enticement. Any advertising or marketing associated with the event must be consistent with the details of the event as it was registered.

Digital Sign - The Dean of Students Office provides a valuable advertising resource for college events through the digital signs located in Collins Dining Hall. Click here for Digital-Signs guidelines.

Funding Opportunities

The primary source for funding of events planned by students and student organizations is ASCMC. For information on how to request funding through ASCMC please go the the ASCMC site.

If you have an idea for an activity or an outing, the Activities Office would like to hear about it. Program assistance and funding maybe available. Just come into the Student Activities Office in Heggblade Center prior to your activity outing, to discuss the possibility for funding.