Washington Program


Claremont students spend either the fall or spring semester in Washington, DC, where they work a full-time internship, take two academic classes, complete a research paper, and meet with prominent people in and around politics. The calendar in Washington generally corresponds to the Claremont Colleges academic calendar. Course work takes place in the evening and classes are held at the CMC facility. Interns sometimes get time off from their office work to attend special lectures, hearings, and other activities. The amount of time devoted to such experiences is determined by each office and no office is required to provide it.

"I have absolutely loved my internship. I have had the pleasure of riding with the Senator multiple times in his motorcade, met NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson, met most of the Senate leadership, had a private lunch with the Senator, and sat in on most of the legislative staff meetings. Each day is completely different than the last, making it very exciting to go to work each morning."

"I would recommend this internship to people looking for the entire package, including a great and welcoming work environment that gives you every opportunity to experience how Congress works."

-Alex Harrison '09, Office of Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ)