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See also: Clubs and Organizations web page from ASCMC (student government).

The Claremont Colleges attempt to serve the special interests of students through a large network of clubs and organizations. Organizational meetings are held at the beginning of the academic year to acquaint you with clubs in which you may have a personal interest.

Amnesty International
Serving the Claremont Colleges, it is a member of Amnesty International USA's campus network. AICC tries to increase awareness of human rights issues at the colleges and in the community.

Asian Pacific American Mentoring Program
The Asian Pacific American Mentoring Program (APAM) is an organization that seeks to make the first year at CMC a little bit easier for freshmen and transfer students of Asian descent.

The Ayer
Published by the Associated Students of CMC, the Ayer is the CMC yearbook. The Ayer is always looking for dedicated students to help with photography, writing, layout and business management

Claremont Colleges Ballroom Dance Company
This is a traveling, competitive team for students from all of the Claremont Colleges. Beginning dancers are welcome.

From the Latin word for "community", Civitas is an organization dedicated to community service. Their goal is to involve the entire campus in a variety of service projects.

Claremont Accounting Association (CAA)
This is an organization for students interested in careers in accounting, management consulting and finance.

Claremont Colleges Fencing Club                                                                                                                                   The Claremont 5 Colleges Fencing Club was founded to provide a gathering for those interested in fencing, instruct and educate interested members in the art and sport of fencing, compete and learn with other fencing clubs and schools in the region, and promote the sport of fencing at the 5 Colleges of Claremont, CA.

Claremont College Republicans
A dynamic organization that seeks to train college students for political action, the Claremont College Republicans socialize and discuss issues as well as help the community through volunteer efforts.

Claremont Colleges Debate Union (CCDU)
The Debate Union is a 5-College co-curricular program offering national and international competitive intercollegiate policy and parliamentary debating and live-audience and broadcast public affairs discussion and debate. The Debate Union is notably successful in tournament competition and is nationally recognized for promotion of community debate.

Claremont Economics Association (CEA)
The CEA is an organization consisting of students interested in extending their classroom experience by involving themselves in practical situations.

The Claremont Independent
Presenting a conservative view on campus, the CI has been re-established by CMC students who seek an alternative look at news and issues at the Colleges.

CMC Escort Service
Formed in 1989, members escort students across campus, to Honnold Library and to the Mills and 12th Street parking lots on weekday and weekend nights. Work study and non-work study positions are available for escorts and dispatchers.

CMS Pep Band
The Pep Band supports the Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Stags and Athenas at athletic events with mirthful music.

Coffee House
An alternative activity for all five colleges' students, Coffee House is available every Saturday night. Students can expect to find specialty coffees, teas, hot chocolate, cookies and live entertainment.

The Collage
A student-run newspaper for the five colleges, the entire staff is comprised of student editors, writers, typesetters and photographers.

Cultural Affairs Committee
The Committee provides opportunities for students to partake of the cultural events in the Los Angeles area. Faculty and staff members frequently accompany students to major plays, musical events and other entertainment.

Cycling Club
Open to the Claremont Colleges, the Cycling Club is a competitive team that races against top national college and university teams.

Democrats of the Claremont Colleges (DCC)
Providing political, social and educational opportunities for the Claremont Colleges, the DCC is also known as the College Democrats and is affiliated with the Los Angeles Central Democratic Committee and chartered with the Young Democrats of America.

The Forum
The student-run newspaper serving Claremont McKenna College, the Forum focuses on the issues and activities of CMC. All work on The Forum is done by volunteers, and help in writing photography, production, advertising and general support is always welcomed.

Hawaiian Club
Sharing the Hawaiian culture and heritage with the community at large, the Hawaiian Club presents social, cultural and educational programs.

The five-college Jewish students' organization. Students interested in becoming involved should inquire at the Hillel Office. Phone: (909) 607-2096

International Club (at International Place)
A five-college organization, the International Club strives to promote international, intercultural and academic cooperation and understanding. The Club plans Thursday Lunch and Conversation each week at McKenna Auditorium, the United Nations Banquet, the international Festival, as well as trips, tours and activities of cultural and academic interest.

Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship
The Fellowship helps students learn to live out the purpose of life as defined by Christian beliefs. Anyone is welcome to join the group; being a Christian is not a requirement.

James Madison Society
Emphasizing discussion of political and public policy issues, the James Madison Society also published the Claremont Journal of Public Affairs.

Korean Student Association (KSA)
KSA is a social and cultural club which exists to strengthen members' understanding of Korean culture and to broaden the knowledge of the Korean culture in the campus community.

A radio station for the Claremont Colleges, KSPC 88.7 is located on the Pomona College campus and serves a potential audience of several thousand people. KSPC offers students an opportunity to work at a major FM radio station. Phone: (909) 621-8157

Lacrosse - Claremont Cougars Men's Lacrosse Club
The Claremont Men's Lacrosse team is the only men's lacrosse program for The Claremont Colleges. The club plays in Division A of the Southwestern Lacrosse Conference against teams including USC, UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, UNLV, Washington State, Pepperdine, and San Diego State.

Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Students' Union (LGBSU)
The LGBSU is a five-college umbrella organization for the Pink Triangles, the lesbian student group; and the Gay Student Union for gay male students. It is open to anyone. The groups sponsor dances, speakers, support group discussions and social gatherings.

Model United Nations
Model U.N. is designed to provide a simulation of United Nations activities. The group gives students experience in speech and debate, group caucusing and power politics.

Pro-Life Society
The Pro-Life Society of the Claremont Colleges' mission is to inform students of the importance of protecting innocent human life, to provide opportunities for students to hear the pro-life perspective about abortion and euthanasia, and to organize activities to assist the pro-life cause.

Queer Resource Center
The Queer Resource Center of the Claremont Colleges is a seven-college organization providing resources for students, faculty, and staff of all sexual orientations and genders.

Rugby - Men's Rugby Club
The Claremont Colleges Men's Rugby Club was founded at Pomona College in 1957 and has become a six-college organization. The club is always searching for new and experienced players. The men practice Tuesday and Thursday 4-6PM on Frary Field.

Rugby - Women's Rugby Club
The Claremont Colleges Women's Rugby Club was founded in 1995 and is a six-college organization. The club is always searching for new and experienced players. The women practice Wednesday and Friday 4-6PM on the Scripps softball field.

The only five-College a cappella group, Shades offers entertainment for all.

Society for the Preservation of Acoustic Music (SPAM)
SPAM offers students an opportunity to meet and play music with others, perform, participate in workshops and to learn sound engineering and concert production.

SOURCE Nonprofit Consulting
This is a student-run nonprofit consulting organization that strives to leave a positive impact on the community by providing value-added, results-oriented services to nonprofit organizations at no cost. SOURCE empowers nonprofits with sustainable solutions to help them build capacity and increase efficiency. Simultaneously, SOURCE provides their student Consultants with practical leadership and development opportunities that prepare them to continue promoting sustainable community growth post-graduation.

Student Alumni Relations Council (SARC)
The Student Alumni Relations Council (SARC) exists to bring students and alumni together to enhance the relations between members of the College community. SARC programs provide students with a window to the real world and give alumni the opportunity to be involved in the life of the College. SARC provides students with valuable opportunities for career development while giving both students and alumni a chance to give something back to CMC. SARC sponsors events which allow students and alumni to meet as equals, while also striving to strengthen CMC class spirit and enabling the College to cultivate future alumni association leaders and advocates. The student members of SARC begin, while still 'alumni in residence,' to create more conscious alumni awareness.

Student Association for the Environment (SAFE)
SAFE serves to unite members of the College community who are concerned about environmental issues. SAFE provides an arena for discussion of issues and a platform from which to launch organized activities.

Student Health Advisory Committee
Established to assist the Health Education Office in responding to student interest in fitness, healthy lifestyles, and self care, the Student Health Advisory Committee sponsors a variety of wellness activities on the campus. Phone: (909) 607-3602

Student Security
Students act as a supplemental force for crowd control at student functions and serve as a liaison between students and campus security. Non-work study, paid positions are available.

The literary journal of Claremont McKenna College, Undercurrents is published annually by the students of CMC. The purpose of Undercurrents is to enrich the liberal arts environment of CMC through publication of poetry and prose exclusively by CMC students, alumni, faculty and staff.

Under the Lights
A theatre club for CMC, Under the Lights gives students a chance to become involved in any and all aspects of theatre without having to be theatre majors.

Without a Box
Performing for the Claremont Colleges, Without a Box is an improvisational comedy troupe.

The Women's Forum
The Claremont McKenna Women’s Forum is a membership movement that aims to provide a resource to educate students in understanding women’s issues, including but not limited to: sexual assault/harassment, economic discrimination, reproductive health, the portrayal of gender and sexism. This organization publicizes and celebrates the contributions and achievements of women and also provides a comfortable space at CMC for women to unite, start a discourse about various issues, and create community building opportunities. Ultimately, the CMC Women’s Forum strives to make CMC an environment free from gender, social, political, economic and cultural discrimination.