Financial Economics Institute

BGI/Michael Larson Asset Management Fellowship Program

The BGI Fellowship Program offers financial support and research experience for juniors and seniors at Claremont McKenna College who are interested in careers involving asset management and investment management. The program provides $10,000 scholarships annually in the form of financial aid grants, merit awards, and/or preferential funding packages. Recipients of a scholarship may receive an additional grant in return for working with an economics and/or mathematics department faculty member on a research project.

To be eligible, students must have completed at least five economics and/or mathematics classes and have a cumulative 10.00 GPA in those courses.

2013-2014 Recipients
Andrew Bergman ’14
William Locke Brown ’14
Julian Buckner ’14
Andrew Runde ’14
Cameron Whiting ’15
Carter Wilkinson ’14

For more information contact:
Professor Lisa Meulbroek

Financial Economics Institute
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