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Welcome Orientation Adventure

Welcome to W.O.A.!

What is W.O.A.!?

W.O.A.! Trips are pre-orientation adventures designed to help students make connections and learn life skills before entering college at CMC. Our many trip offerings allow students a variety of opportunities and activities, from surfing to camping to community service, so there is something for everyone! Each group consists of 15-20 new students and three student trip leaders who are currently enrolled at CMC.

W.O.A.! Trips are designed to promote:

  • A Supportive Relationship with Peers
  • A Mentoring Relationship with Trip Leaders
  • A Sense of Community and Belonging
  • Readiness for College Life
  • Personal Growth
  • Leadership Skills
  • A Connection to the Natural World
  • Responsibility for Self and Others
  • Decision Making Skills
  • Challenge and Discovery
  • Self-Awareness and Self-Confidence
  • An Awesome Introduction to the CMC Lifestyle!

Who Can Participate?

We highly encourage all new students (both freshmen and transfers) to participate in one of our exciting programs. However, there are a limited number of spaces on each trip so they are filled in the order your applications are received. The application deadline is July 11th.

It is imperative that students who plan on playing a fall sport contact their coach in order to determine whether or not they are able to participate in W.O.A.! Student athletes who will be participating in football, men's soccer, and cross country are unable to participate because team practices will have already started during this time. International students who would like to participate in W.O.A.! need to see the International Student Orientation Schedule.

Arriving at CMC

Students participating in W.O.A.! must arrive at CMC on Saturday, August 23, 2014 between 12pm and 5pm. Student leaders will greet the participants at the Ontario Airport baggage claim and shuttle them back to campus. Students who are unable to arrive at Ontario Airport must coordinate their own transportation to CMC. Students will spend Saturday night on campus with their W.O.A.! groups and depart on their trips Sunday morning.

Belongings not to be taken on the trip can be placed in the student's fall room. These items will be unavailable after drop-off until the student's return on Wednesday evening. All items for W.O.A.! should be packed separately from those to be left behind. If your family plans to participate in On-Campus Orientation, they can join you to move into your room on Wednesday evening upon your return to campus. Most trips will be back by 4pm (traffic permitting). More detailed information on return times for individual trips will be included in a mailer later this summer.

What Should I Bring?

Students will most likely be bringing the items needed for their trip to college. More specific items, such as sleeping bags and backpacks, are available for a small rental fee if you cannot bring your own. Once accepted, you will receive a packet detailing your trip and the items you will need to bring.

Student and Faculty Leaders

Trips are comprised of 3-4 leaders per 15-20 participants. Each trip has at least one male and one female student leader who represent a variety of class years. Student leaders participate in mandatory training prior to the trips, including a course in basic wilderness first aid, in order to ensure safe and well-run trips. Some trips may also include a faculty member depending on interest.

Trip Destinations

  • Alpine Meadows (Cabin Camping)
  • American River Rafting (2 trips)
  • Inland Malibu Camping
  • Inland San Diego Camping
  • L.A. Urban Engagement
  • Palomar Mountain Camping
  • Point Mugu Beach Camping
  • Ronald McDonald Camp for Good Times
  • Santa Barbara Camping & Community
  • Santa Barbara Multi-Sport
  • Santa Barbara Surfing
  • Table Mountain Camping

See more information on the trips.