The Robert Day School of Economics and Finance

Special Options for Majors

A number of special program options are available within the framework of the major requirements listed above.

These special program options and requirements include:

Dual Majors
Students with a dual major including economics must complete at least eight economics courses, distributed as follows:

  1. Core Requirement (three courses)
  2. ECON 125 CM - Econometrics
  3. Electives Requirement: four courses

At least three of these must be level II electives

Students with a dual major including economics are encouraged to write their senior thesis on a topic in economics. For further information, see Senior Thesis in Economics.

Please note the restrictions on honors in the major for students with a dual major in Honors in Economics. For further information on dual majors and the requirements for the other discipline of the dual major, please check the appropriate sections of the online academic catalog.