Alumni: Green@CMC

Eats Shoots & Leads
Summer 2006 CMC Magazine
Aided by Marc Brody '83, students take an entrepreneurial approach to conservation at the Wolong Nature Reserve, deep in the bamboo-laden mountains of China's Sichuan Province.

Hot Water
Summer 2006 CMC Magazine
Ethos, the brainchild of Peter Thum '90, operates on a simple concept: water for water

Treasure Island
Summer 2006 CMC Magazine
Suzanne Shriner '89 mines Hawaii's rich soil, yielding premium Kona coffee

Going to Extremes
Summer 2006 CMC Magazine
With his latest book, Terra Antarctica, William Fox '71 uses the world's coldest continent to explore human cognition in vast, remote desert environments.

Growth Industry
Summer 2006 CMC Magazine
Terry Gips '73 seeks sustainability on the personal, organizational, and planetary levels

The Whole World in Their Hands
Summer 2006 CMC Magazine
Environment, Economics, and Politics majors find there are no limits to how they can protect the planet

A nickel from every bottle of Ethos sold goes toward water projects in poor countries.