Literature Faculty

Audrey Bilger

Audrey Bilger, Ph.D. -- read full profile
Professor of Literature & Faculty Director of the Center for Writing & Public Discourse
B.A., Oklahoma State University; M.A., Ph.D., University of Virginia
Teaching: Comedy, Jane Austen, ...
Research: Feminism, Marriage Equality, ...
(909) 607-2765
Roberts South 219

Leland de la Durantaye

Leland de la Durantaye, Ph.D. -- read full profile
B.A. Michigan State University, School of Arts and Sciences; M.A. Cornell University, College of Arts and Sciences; Ph.D. Cornell University, College of Arts and Sciences
Roberts South 215

Robert Faggen

Robert Faggen, Ph.D. -- read full profile
Barton Evans and H. Andrea Neves Professor of Literature
A.B., Princeton University; A.M., Ph.D., Harvard University
Teaching: American Literature, Science and Literature, Polish Literature, Contemporary Irish Poetry, The Bible, Rhetoric and Oratory, Milton
(909) 607-3005
Athenaeum Gould Center

John C. Farrell

John C. Farrell, Ph.D. -- read full profile
A.B., Brown University; M.A., Ph.D., Harvard University
Teaching: Modern Fiction, Literary Theory, Renaissance and Modern Poetry, Ancient Greek Literature and Culture
Research: Post-Enlightenment Literature and Culture, Criticism and Critical Theory
(909) 607-2656
Roberts South 217

Jamaica Kincaid

Jamaica Kincaid, Ph.D. -- read full profile
Josephine Olp Weeks Chair and Professor of Literature
Teaching: Creative Writing, Autobiography
(909) 607-3228
Roberts South 220

Seth Lobis

Seth Lobis, Ph.D. -- read full profile
Associate Professor
B.A., Ph.D., Yale University
Teaching: Shakespeare, Milton, Pastoral, Literature and Science, Literature and Politics
Research: Milton, British Poetry and Prose 1500-1800, History of Science, History of Rhetoric, Comparative Epic, Literature and Philosophy, Literature and Linguistics
(909) 607-4221
Roberts South 216

James Morrison

James Morrison, Ph.D. -- read full profile
B.A., Wayne State University; M.A., Ph.D., State University of New York, Buffalo
Teaching: Film Studies, Modernism/Postmodernism, Creative Writing
(909) 607-9678
Roberts South 214

Ellen Rentz

Ellen K. Rentz, Ph.D. -- read full profile
Assistant Professor
BA Washington University; MA Medieval Studies, University of York, England; MA, PhD English, Columbia University
Teaching: Medieval literature, Chaucer, Dante
Research: Middle English literature and drama, medieval religious culture, urban studies, history of the book
(909) 621-8862
Roberts South 212

Robert von Hallberg

Robert von Hallberg, Ph.D. -- read full profile
A.B., UC Berkeley (1968) M.A., UCLA (1970) Ph.D., Stanford (1975)
Teaching: Poetry, Film, Literary Criticism, Composition
Research: Film Noir, Spy Films; Popular Love Songs; Lyric Poetry; African American Poetry; Poet-Critics
(909) 607-4045
Roberts South 218

Nicholas Warner

Nicholas Warner, Ph.D. -- read full profile
Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty
B.A., Stanford University; M.A., Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
Teaching: 18th & 19th-century British, American, and Russian Literature; Romanticism; Leadership in Literature and Film; Literary Theory
Research: British and American Romanticism; 19th-Century Russian Literature; Leadership in Literature and Film
(909) 621-8117
Bauer Center 227

Visiting Faculty

Christine Crockett

Christine Crockett, Ph.D. -- read full profile
Visiting Assistant Professor
B.A. Claremont McKenna College M.A. UC Riverside Ph.D. UC Riverside
Research: Eighteenth Century British Literature, The Gothic Novel, Gender Studies, Medical Literature, The English Novel
(909) 607-3454
Kravis Center 101b

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Evan Kindley, M.A. -- read full profile
Visiting Instructor
Kravis Center 101A

August Kleinzahler

August Kleinzhaler, M.A. -- read full profile
Writer in Residence

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Brian McGrath, Ph.D. -- read full profile
Visiting Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Rutgers University
(909) 607-3820
Roberts South 204A

Kevin Moffett

Kevin Moffett, M.F.A. -- read full profile
Visiting Assistant Professor
Roberts South

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Thomas Schur, Ph.D. -- read full profile
Visiting Assistant Professor
Roberts South 203A