Ask A Student

Aseem Chipalkatti '15

Hometown: Issaquah, WA
High School: Skyline High School
Major: Economics-Accounting / Middle Eastern Studies
Activities: ASCMC Campus Organization Chair, Rose Institute of State and Local Government Research Assistant, CMC Forum News Fellow, Model UN

"I love CMC because it's an education with a focus on the real world. Also, it's sunny all the time. It's a great combo."

Hannah Goldberg-Morse '14

Hometown: Lower Merion, PA
High School: Lower Merion High School
Major: International Relations
Activities: Rotaract, ASCMC Senate, Center for Human Rights Leadership, Freshmen Mentor, Student Life Committee, WOA Leader, Currently Studying Abroad in India

"I love CMC for the sense of community, and being able to walk through North Quad chatting with students and professors alike. I love the Consortium, which allows me opportunities at all of the different campuses. And most of all I LOVE the incredible people here, who make me proud to be a CMCer!"

Marcel Hite '14

Hometown: Detroit, MI
High School: The Roeper School
Major: Psychology / Literature
Activities: Student Coordinator for CMC Tutoring Program, Tour Guide, Vice Chair of College Programming Board, Former Dorm President, AQUA (Alliance for Queer Understanding and Appreciation) Member

"CMC fosters the enviornment that encourages and sometimes even expects students to get involved on campus in some way. There are so many opportunities to take advantage of, organizations to get involved with, and ways to become an even better leader than our students already are."

Ryan Driscoll '16

Hometown: Nashville, TN
High School: MLK Jr. Magnet School
Major: Biology (Premed) / Government
Activities: The Rose Institute for State and Local Government, Women in Science, Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Softball

"My favorite thing about CMC is the cohesiveness of the student body... and snack."

Pieter Cornel '14

Hometown: Enschede, Netherlands
Former School: Bonhoeffer College
Major: International Relations / Philosophy with Leadership Sequence
Activities: Kravis Leadership Institute, Field Hockey, Under the Lights, CMC Garden Club, WOA Leader

"My favorite thing about CMC are the people, hands down."

Rachel Vinson '13

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
High School: North Hollywood High School
Major: Philosophy / Government with Ethics Sequence
Activities: Mock Trial, Dorm President, SPEAR Environmental Club, Rotaract Club, Track & Field

"One of my favorite parts of CMC is the amazing alumni base that I have connected with, who have given me advice."

Nadeem Farooqi '15

Hometown: Rancho Cucamonga, CA
High School: Damien High School
Major: Government
Activities: Debate Union, Mock Trial, Model United Nations, Ballroom Dance Company, Student-Alumni Relations Council, Chicano-Latino Student Affairs, Salvatori Center

"CMC is a sunny, happy, cozy community where everyone knows your name and cares about you. In other words, I love CMC because CMC loves me."

Hilary Haskell '14

Hometown: Orange County, CA
High School: Orange High School
Major: Enviornment, Economics, and Politics (EEP)
Activities: Student Sustainability Coalition, Roberts Enviornmental Center Analyst, Latino Student Forum, Mentor Program, ASCMC Student Government

"I love CMC because it is full of pragmatic students who are 'doers'!"

David Saxon '16

Hometown: Randolph, NJ
High School: Randolph High School
Major: Neuroscience
Activities: CMC Jam Society, KSPC Radio, Intramural Sports

"I love CMC because everyone is friendly and cooperative. Every student and faculty member constantly looks toward the improvement of the entire community."

Louisa Dunwiddie '15

Hometown: Seattle, WA
High School: Garfield High School
Major: Undecided
Activities: CMS Swimming, Democrats of The Claremont Colleges, ASCMC Senator

"I love everything about CMC, from the students, to the professors, to the academic opportunities. It is so much more than I expected as an incoming student."

Curtis Wang '14

Hometown: Hong Kong
High School: Hong Kong International School
Major: Psychology with Leadership Sequence
Activities: The Athenaeum Server, Research Assistant

"It's not easy to find people who can balance work and play well, but the students here have done so. We know how to buckle down and get our work done, but at the same time can relax and let loose."

Hillary Lundberg '14

Hometown: Bellevue, WA
High School: Seattle Academy
Major: Government / Spanish, European Union Studies
Activities: 5C Dance Company Co-Director, International Service Committee on Rotaract, The Athenaeum Server, Claremont Journal of International Affairs, Currently Studying Abroad in Granada, Spain

"I love CMC because of our community - the students, administration, and faculty create such an inclusive, supportive and fun atmosphere that I can't imagine being found anywhere else."

Clare Riva '13

Hometown: Bethesda, MD
High School: Walter Johnson High School
Major: Philosophy with Ethics Sequence
Activities: ASCMC Senior Class President, Senior Interviewer, The Athenaeum Fellow, Writing Center Consultant

"My favorite thing about CMC is definitely the Ath, the opportunities for learning and networking it offers, and the professional skills it teaches you."

Blake Morell '13

Hometown: Portland, OR
Major: Economics / Finance
Activities: Intramural Sports, Lowe Institute, Robert Day School, ASCMC Student Government

"Great professors, great classes, amazing peers. All under the California sunshine."

Wade Vaughn '13

Hometown: Saint Petersberg, FL
Major: Economics / Accounting and Literature with Leadership Sequence
Activities: Board of Trustees, Senior Interviewer, ASCMC Senator, Dorm President, On the Loose (5C Outdoors Club), CMC Jam Band, Actor with Under the Lights

"I appreciate how everything at campus is just an application away. My college has paid for me to work in Brazil these past two summers, given me a year-long leadership coaching, and taken me on incredible networking opportunities."

Caroline Nyce '13

Hometown: Bowie, MD
High School: Severn School
Major: Philosophy, Politics & Economics (PPE) / Government
Activities: Editor-In-Chief of the CMC Forum, Judicial Board, Mock Trial

"Somehow CMC manages to keep its students simultaneously happy and hungry. It's pretty unique that we have a community of such motivated and driven individuals nestled in lazy Southern California."

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