Landscaping and Grounds

CMC is working to establish landscape design and operational practices to achieve a more sustainable campus through the identification of native and drought-resistant planting palettes that reflect and leverage the CMC campus identity, instituting an efficiency-focused, campus-wide irrigation control system, and establishing best practices for landscape maintenance. Additionally, the selection of standardized fixtures for campus will further contribute to campus identity and energy reduction.

The College's grounds crew prides itself in providing a healthy, beautiful campus by using as few chemicals as possible. Fertilizer is applied during the summer and other times when there are minimal students on campus. On average, 2,500 pounds of 12-08-16 N-P-K fertilizer and 1000 pounds of urea are applied once a year. One thousand pounds of 16-6-8 N-P-K fertilizer are used twice a year around the college. Herbicides and pesticides are used only when and where they are needed, and about 15 gallons of Round up and 10 gallons of Trimec are sprayed to combat weeds on average each year. The grounds department occasionally traps rodents, and contacts the humane society in order to find homes for stray cats and dogs that are found living on campus. The grounds crew tries to "leave mother nature alone whenever possible" while pursuing its goal to provide the community with a thriving and attractive landscape.