Study Abroad: Forms

ACCEPTANCE PAPERWORK: Your approval to study abroad is contingent upon your file being complete prior to departure. For your file to be complete, you must fill out and return to Off-Campus Study the following forms: 

Student Contract Requires signature and copy of your acceptance letter from your Program
Health Report You can have this done with your personal physician or with the CUC Health Center (closed during summer and winter break).
Assumption of Risk Form  
Housing Preference return to Dean of Students Housing
Clearance to go Abroad requires signature by several offices
Program Housing Form  
Due before Departure
Travel Plans/Itinerary
Predeparture Checklist This form is for your reference only - do not return to our office.
After arriving Abroad
Address Request

After you return from to the United States, please complete the Evaluation Form found in the Returning Student's section.

HOUSING: The Housing office will not sign off on the Clearance Form unless you have completed the Housing Preference Form and have paid all outstanding dorm damage fees.

PROGRAM SPONSOR: Your sponsoring institution will determine your cost, your refund policy, and the amount of suggested credits for your coursework. Make sure you familiarize yourself with your program's refund policy.

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