1996 - present    Fletcher Jones Professor of Political Philosophy,

                             Claremont McKenna College. Concurrently:

                             Director of Research (1996-2004); Chair,

                             Department of Government (1999-2004; 2007--);

                             Director, Salvatori Center for the Study of Individual



1994 - 1996        Provost ad Interim, Adelphi University.


1989 - 1994       Vice President for Programs, Hudson Institute (1991-1994): head of Hudson’s research on education, domestic politics, and national security.  Director of Political and Social Studies (1989-1991)


1986 - 1989       Associate Director, United States Information Agency(USIA).  (The United States Government's senior official responsible for managing, coordinating, and setting policy for our international education and exchange programs.)


1985 - 1986  Senior Professional Staff Member, Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate.


1983 - 1985    Director, Office of Private Sector Programs, United States Information Agency. 


1981 - 1983    Assistant Director, ACTION (the federal government agency for volunteer programs). 


1973 - 1981      University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA: Assistant Professor of Political Science (1973-1980); Director, Exxon Education Program and Lecturer in Political Science (1980-1981).


1970 - 1973   Harvard University, Cambridge, MA: Henry La Barre Jayne Assistant Professor of Government and Head Tutor in Government.


                           Concurrently with other positions, I have also taught at Georgetown University and Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis.  Most recently I have been a Visiting Professor of Government at Harvard University, Spring 2001.  I am also an adjunct fellow at the Hudson Institute and the Claremont Institute.





1962 - 1966 A.B. in Government, Harvard University, magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa.


1966 - 1971    Ph.D. in Political Science, Harvard University.

                             (Thesis: Plato's Statesman)




                   Books: Duty Bound: Responsibility and American Public Life, Rowman and Littlefield, 2005; Educating the Prince, Rowman and Littlefield, 2000 (edited together with William Kristol, and including the first chapter, "Modern Virtue"); Heidegger's "Being and Time" and the Possibility of Political Philosophy, Cornell University Press, 1981.


                   Articles: “The Common Sense of Practical Knowledge,”  The Journal of Law, Economics & Policy, Fall, 2007; “Heidegger’s Understanding of Plato” in Socrates, 2007 (edited by Ann Ward); “Philosophy as a Way of Life: Harvey Mansfield, An Appreciation,” Humanitas, May/June, 2007; “Tyranny, Ancient and Modern” in Confronting Tyranny, 2006 (edited by Toivo Koivukoski and David Edward Tabachnick; a Choice Magazine Outstanding Academic Title, 2006); “The Media We Deserve,” The Public Interest, Spring, 2005 (reprinted in Annual Editions: American Government, McGraw Hill, 36th ed., ff.); “Liberal Education and Liberalism,” The Good Society, 2004; “Leo Strauss’ Understanding of Modernity,” Perspectives on Political Science, Fall, 2004; “Taking Public Diplomacy Seriously,” American Outlook, Spring 2004; “Responsibility and Biotechnology” (and preface to a Symposium on Biotechnology), Perspectives on Political Science, Spring, 2003 (Reprinted in ReVision, Spring, 2003); “Responsibility and Foreign Affairs” in The Next American Century, Essays in Honor of Richard G. Lugar,  2003 (edited by Jeffrey T. Bergner);  "Basic Issues in Kant's Moral and Political Thought" (and preface to a Symposium on Kant Studies), Political Science Reviewer, 2001; “Heidegger and the Political,” Political Theory, April, 2000; “Liberal Freedom and Responsibility” in Public Morality, Civic Virtue, and the Problem of Modern Liberalism, 2000  (edited by T. William Boxx & Gary Quinlaven); "The Statesmanship of the Gathering Storm" Churchill Proceedings (1996-7), 2000; Plato’s Republic, (Gould Research Institute monograph), 1999; “Government Practice in the School of Strauss,” in Leo Strauss, the Straussians, and the American Regime, 1999 (edited by John Murley and Kenneth Deutsch); “Public Philosophy,” The Good Society, Spring 1998; “Responsibility and Public Service” in  Active Duty, 1998 (edited by Peter Lawler, David Schaefer and Robert Schaefer); “Philanthropy and Public Needs,” in Giving Better, Giving Smarter, National Commission on Philanthropy and Civic Renewal, 1997; “How To Think About Politics and Culture,” Political Science Reviewer, 1996; "Heidegger and Postmodernism," Perspectives on Political Science, 1995; "Plato's Alcibiades I," Interpretation, Spring, 1995;  "Heidegger's Nietzsche (Part II)", Political Science Reviewer, 1994; "Heidegger's Nietzsche (Part I)", Political Science Reviewer, 1993; "Strauss' Laws," Political Science Reviewer, 1991; "The Problem of Practice--Foreign Policy and the Constitution" in Foreign Policy and the Constitution, American Enterprise Institute Press, 1990; "Letter from America: President Bush's Foreign Policy,"  Government and Opposition, 1990;  "The Character of Executive and Legislative Power in a Regime Based on Natural Rights" in The Revival of Constitutionalism, University of Nebraska Press, 1988; "Public Diplomacy and the Private Sector" in Public Diplomacy, Hoover Institution Press, 1986; "Radical Historicism and the Meaning of Natural Right," Modern Age, Spring/Summer 1984; "The Habermas Phenomenon," The Public Interest, Spring 1983; "Human Rights Policy and the Doctrine of Natural Rights" in Human Rights and American Foreign Policy, Kenyon Public Affairs Conference Center, 1981; "The Place of the Liberal Arts," Intercollegiate Review, 1979; "A Note on the Meaning of Nature and the Question of Natural Right," ERA, 1979; "An Introduction to the Reading of Plato's Laches," Interpretation, 1975; "Nietzsche and Political Science," Symposium, 1974.


                   Review Articles:  Recent work includes: “To See Ourselves,” The Weekly Standard, June 16, 2008; “Reply to Brand and Lenzner (discussions of Duty Bound), The Good Society, 16.1, 2007; “Melancholy Liberalism,” The Weekly Standard, December 10, 2007; “The Broad Ground of Courage,” Claremont Review of Books, Winter, 2007; “Comments on The Roots of Evil,” The Good Society 15.2 (2006); “Hamilton’s Virtue,” The Weekly Standard, December 11, 2006; “Giving Honor Its Due,” Claremont Review of Books, Fall, 2006; “On Plato’s Terms,” The Weekly Standard, June 5, 2006; “Involuntary Associations,” Claremont Review of Books, Fall, 2005; “Forms of Government,” Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History, 2005; “Reading Heidegger,” Claremont Review of Books, Summer, 2005; “Martin Heidegger,” Encyclopedia of Science, Technology and Ethics, 2005; “From the Top,” Claremont Review of Books, Winter, 2004; “Life, Liberty and the Defense of Human Nature,” Claremont Review of Books, Fall, 2003; "The Political Responsibility of Intellectuals," Claremont Review of Books, Fall, 2002; "Kaplan's War," The National Interest, Spring, 2002; "Public Interest" in the International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, 2001; "Understanding Heidegger," The Public Interest, September, 2001


                   Conference Papers (selected): Recent work includes:  “Duty Bound: Responsibility and American Public Life”: Author Meets Critics Panel, New England Political Science Association Meeting, Spring, 2006; “Churchill on America” (Library of Congress conference, 2004); “Responsibility and Technology” (delivered at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, 2003);  "Locke's Doctrine of Human Action" (paper delivered at the American Political Science Association convention, 2002); "Churchill's River War and the Nature of War" (paper delivered at the American Political Science Association convention, 2002); "Responsibility and Biotechnology" (paper delivered at the Salvatori Center conference on Biotechnology, 2002);  "Hegel and Progressivism" (paper delivered at the Salvatori Center conference on Progressivism, April, 2000); “Strauss and Modernity” (paper delivered at the American Political Science Association convention, 1999); “Heidegger and the Political,” (paper delivered at the American Political Science Association, 1997); “What Is Living and What Is Dead in Communitarianism” (talk delivered at the American Political Science Association convention, 1996); “Freedom, Ancient and Modern” (paper delivered at the 25th anniversary conference of the Salvatori Center, Claremont McKenna College, 1996); "Modern Virtues" (paper delivered at the American Political Science Association Convention, 1994); "Responsible Self Interest and the Common Good" (paper delivered at Kenyon College, January 1994); "Self Interest and Responsibility," (paper delivered at Harvard University, October, 1993); "Responsible Gridlock: Policy Making in the Reagan Era and Beyond" (paper delivered at Brandeis University, October, 1993); "Politics in Heidegger's Later Works" (paper delivered at the Northeastern Political Science Association meeting, April, 1993)



AWARDS   Crocker Award for Merit, Claremont McKenna College (2007); Phi Beta Kappa; Earhart Foundation Fellowships; NDEA Title IV Fellowship; Harvard University scholarships; three-time nominee, Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award, University of Pennsylvania; various awards for work in international education exchange.



BOARDS   Current: Political Science Reviewer; Society of Scholars, James Madison Program, Princeton University; Children’s Education Center of Claremont; Adjunct Fellow: Hudson Institute, Claremont Institute.


                   Past: J. William Fulbright Board of Foreign Scholarships, United States Government (GHW Bush Administration); Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education, Department of Education (GHW Bush Administration); Interpretation



PERSONAL Married, two sons.


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