Summer Internship Program in Accounting

In cooperation with selected CPA firms, businesses and government agencies, the Accounting Program sponsors a summer internship program in accounting for juniors. Students may request to receive one-half or one full CMC course credit (CR/NC) for the internship, depending on the type of job and number of hours worked. Students must obtain approval in advance to register for an accounting internship. To be eligible for academic credit, students must complete a paper on an agreed upon topic together with other readings or projects assigned by the faculty reader. Students must also provide the director of the Accounting program with an evaluation from their internship supevisor.

To be eligible for a full course credit, students must be an economics-accounting major, with a GPA in the major and a cumulative GPA of at least “B” (9.00). Students must work full-time (40 hours per week) for at least ten weeks and have successfully completed at least 24 courses, including Economics 86. Accounting for Decision Making; Economics 150. Asset and Income Measurement (Intermediate Accounting I); and Economics 155. Valuation and Reporting of Financial Liabilities and Equity (Intermediate Accounting II).

Students may earn one-half course credit for a summer accounting internship if they do not meet the criteria listed above, provided they work at least two months and meet the other requirements for one-half credit internships.