October 15, 84

Vol. iii , No. 03   

Expeditions to Antarctica and Afghanistan
Monday, October 15, 1984

Is there life after Claremont for a philosophy major? Graduate of the Class of 1974 Michael Graber, whose thesis was entitled "The Philosophy and History of Climbing Mt. Everest," has proven there are no limits to the possibilities a CMC education opens to you. He is an adventurer and lecturer, a ski-pro at Mammoth during the winter and a summer-time mountaineer. Monday, October 15, Mr. Graber will present a 20 minute film on his recent expedition to Antarctica and, if the audience is willing, a slide-show of a trip to Afghanistan. The presentation will be preceded by a 5:30 reception and 6:00 dinner. Deadline for sign-ups is Thursday, October 11.

John Maynard Keynes
Wednesday, October 17, 1984

Everyone has read biographies, but who has ever talked to a biographer? On Wednesday, October 17th, the Athenaeum will present one of its most unusual programs, a conversation and discussion with Charles Hession, author of a remarkable new biography of the great English economist John Maynard Keynes. Even if we are familiar with Keynes's name and know something of his ideas, few of us know anything about his life. As Hession's book makes clear, to genuinely understand the ideas one must understand the man who gave life to them.

When, in 1951, the "official" biography was published, a close friend of Keynes remarked: "This is the biography of Lord Keynes. Someone else must write the life of Maynard. " Now Charles Hession has done so.

Keynes's complex personality, his ambiguous sexuality, his life long friendships with the Bloomsbury group - Virginia Woolf, Lytton Strachey, Duncan Grant and the others - all are explored by Hession as keys to understanding Keynes's originality. The revelation of the biography isn't so much undiscovered skeletons in unopened closets, as it is a keen insight into the relationship of the whole man and his work.

Keynes's theories have been much discussed, but what of the man himself ? What was he really like, and what difference did that make?

Don't miss this opportunity to join a unique conversation. There will be a reception at 5:30 p.m. and dinner at 6:00, followed by the discussion with Hession. Remember, reservations must be made by October 12th.


October 18, 1984, following a 6:00 dinner, John Snortum will show a few slides taken during his stay as a guest professor at Franklin College in Lugano, Switzerland. In addition, other CMC professors (John Roth and Ed Haley) and students (Chris Brandt, Patti Chambers, Chris Kampe, and Terri Mueller) will be invited to share their observations about their stay in Lugano. Come if you are interested in foreign study of if you would just like to offer some tips to other students about your own study experiences outside the U.S. Due date for response is Monday, October 15. (P.S. Make sure you haven't signed-up for the Western BBQ the same evening.)


All three nights of the Madrigal Feast are booked solid.

October 7, 1984 brunch is booked solid.

October 18, 1984 Western Barbeque is booked solid.

October 25, 1984: John Dodds, publisher of Belvedere Books and a renowned book editor who worked on the memoirs of Lyndon B. Johnson, Bette Davis, Sterling Houston, David Niven, and others will be featured in the next Athe-news.

Remember: Sign-up slips should be turned in to the new Athenaeum mailbox in front of the building.