Events Spring 2005

Ilya Prizel
University of Pittsburgh

Feb. 22 (Tue)
(Appel host)

"Europe-The Vulnerable Giant"

Lilia Shevtsova
Carnegie Endowment

Feb. 28 (Mon)
(Appel host)

"Is Russia Returning to Dictatorship?"

Conference -- The Changing Face of Europe: European Institutions in the 21st Century
Location: Bauer Center / Founders Room

Apr. 8 (Fri)

Freeman Foundation Visiting Professors

Anson Chan
former Head of the Civil Service in Hong Kong and Deputy Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Region

Feb. 15 (Tue)

"China and Hong Kong-One Country, Two Systems"

Hung-mao Tien
former Foreign Minister of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and Ambassador to the United Kingdom

Mar. 23 (Wed)

"The Cross-Strait Relations: Recent Developments and Future Prospects"

Ambassador Takakazu Kuriyama
former Japanese Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and Ambassador to the U.S.

Apr. 6 (Wed)

"Japan-U.S. Relations-Strong or Fragile?"

Ambassador Hong-Koo Lee
former South Korean Prime Minister, Minister of National Unification, and Ambassador to the U.S.

Apr. 13 (Wed)

"Korea, Asia and the United States"