January 2008
Networking Trip to Silicon Valley
Information Technology Advisory Board (ITAB)

Back Row:
Johnny Ko '11, Adam Coleman '08, Joshua Siegel '10, Kimberly Lenahan '10, George Kailas '08, Freya Lee '09, Scott Arnold '09, J.P. Doyle '07

Front Row:
Daniel Dy '09, Max Mautner '10, Kimberly Munoz '10, Bart Evans '70, Cynthia Doniger '08, Julie Smith '10, Yuchen Zhang '10, Marcelo Andrade '10

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Hosted by: Scott Gilfoil Manager of Universty Relations

Arriving at Apple

Entering session

Q&A with Scott Gilfoil

Taking notes

More Q&A

Thank you Scott!

Applied Materials

Hosted by: George S. Davis '80, Senior VP and CFO & Joe Pon '89, Corporate Affairs Manager

Greeted by Joe Pon '89

George S. Davis '80 & Joe Pon '89

Booties & sticky mat maintain clean environment

Listening skills on

Thank you Joe!

Thank you George!

Clarkston Consulting

Hosted by: Julia Cox '07 Account Consultant

Julia Cox '07 introducing Clarkston Consulting


Thank you Julia!


Hosted by: Jonathan Rosenberg '83 Senior VP, Product Management

Arriving at Google

Jonathan Rosenberg '83 Q&A with group

Googler Julieanna Gassman '04 Q&A with group

Talking with Googlers

Group photo op with Jonathan

Thank you, Jonathan!


Hosted by: Karthik Sarines VP of Human Resources
& Sheena Kunhiraman, Manager, West Coast Human Resources

Arriving at Infosys

Q&A with Karthik Sarines & new grad hires

Viewing a presentation

Pointers from ITAB Chair Bart Evans '70

Thank you Karthik!

Thank you Sheena!


Hosted by: Scott Mauvais '90 Senior Consultant, MS Consulting Services

Arriving at Microsoft

Presentation by Scott Mauvais '90

Entering the Envisioning Center

Gawking at the gadgets

Couch potatos at attention

Thank you Scott!


Hosted by: William MacGowan III '79 Chief HR Officer & EVP of People and Places

Arriving at Sun Executive Briefing Center

Settling in

Q&A with Bill MacGowan '79

Q&A with Jonathan Schwartz, CEO

Thank you Jonathan!

Thank you Bill!

Weston Presidio

Hosted by: James McElwee '74 Partner

On the wharf at Weston Presido San Francisco

Q&A with Jim McElwee '74

Taking notes

Sharing ideas

Thank you Jim!

Saying goodbye to San Francisco


Hosted by: Todd Teresi '94 VP, Global Sales Operations

Greeted by Todd Teresi '94

Settling in to the conference room

Presentation by Todd Teresi '94

Q&A with Todd Teresi '94

Q&A with Yahooites

Thank you Todd!

ITAB Reception

Photo op with John Volk '70 P'11, ITAB Member

Preparing for speaker

Guest Speaker Ashwin Navin '99 President and Co-founder of Bit Torrent

Thank you Ashwin!

Mike Fujinaka '07 and Laura Zapian '07 CMC & ITAB Trip Alumni

Julie Smith & Freya Lee

Josh Siegel asks Ashwin Navin a tough question

Adam Coleman meets Alumni

Ashwin given the royal treatment