January 2010
Networking Trip to Silicon Valley
Information Technology Advisory Board (ITAB)

From Left: Back Row: Christopher Jones'11, Solon Christensen-Szalanski '10, Henry Lyford '11, Jeremy Merrill '12, Kevin Burke '11, Grant Parker '11, Elliot Godzich '12, Daniel Black '11, Andrew Hess '10, Miles Bird '12, Francesca Ioffreda '10.
From Left: Front Row: Luella (Jill) Fu '11, Tammy Phan '11, Kathryn Punsly '12, Karynna Asao '10, Kayla Loadvine '10, Michelle Kim '12, Natalia Klishina '10

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Applied Materials

Hosted by George Davis '80, Senior V.P. and CFO

 George Davis '80 welcomes the group                


Atlassian, Inc.

Hosted by Daniel Freeman '96, Director of Product Marketing



Clarkston Consulting

Presentation by Julia Cox '07 NTSV'07, Consultant



Electronic Arts, Inc.

Hosted by Nancy Smith P-13, President, SIMS Division




Hosted by Whitney Tidmarsh '88, V.P. Worldwide Marketing Content Management & Archiving Division



Google, Inc.

Hosted by Jonathan Rosenberg '83, Senior V.P. Product Management



Kravis, Kohlberg, & Roberts

Hosted by George Roberts '66 P'93, Founding Partner



Lockheed-Martin Space Systems

Hosted by Mark Elson '82, Manager, and Steven B. Olson '86, Director of Special Programs




Hosted by Robert Leon '04, West Coast Sales Director




Hosted by Scott Mauvais '90, Senior Consultant, MS Consulting Services




Hosted by Steve Grove '00, Director of News & Politics Division



Dinner Monday Evening

Hosted by Jan Soderstrom P'09, V.P. Sun Power, and Michael Moone P'09, CEO Wireless Glue


Dinner with CMC entrepreneurs Arjun Lall '07 NTSV'07, Andrew Lee '07 NTSV'07, and Ryan Wilson '09 NTSV'08



CMCAA Reception

With Guest Speaker Michael Fujinaka '07 NTSV'07


Thank you, Bart!