John R. Dunbar Student Fellows

Spring 2012 Current Fellows

-Katie Browning
will be working with Professor Skinner on her monograph about Juana Manuela Gorriti.

-Eric Ferrer will serve as research assistant to Professor Nicholas Warner.

-Koffi Kouassi will continue his work work with Professor Sinha on her research project related to HIV-AIDS in India and Brazil.

-Aditya Pai Dhungat will dig into his project "Courage as a Virtue."

-Katie Punsly will work with Professor Lobis on Milton's use of the word "Tend" in Paradise Lost.

-Chloe Whang will work with Professor Obdrzalek on Plato’s treatment of madness in Phaedrus. 

Past Fellows

Fall 2011

Inayat Chaudhry ('12), Nicholas Rowe ('13), Laura Sauvage ('14), Samuel Armstrong ('13), Daniel Lipson ('13), and Sunny Tsai ('13).

Academic Year 2010-2011

Ilsey Melendez, Mark Munro, Katherine Punsly, and Malini Sen.

Academic Year 2009-10

Mika Kasuga, Mark Munro, Shahrzad Nikoo,Katie Punsly, Max Sterling, and Sara Stern worked with Dr. Robert Faggen (Literature) on the first volume of The Collected Letters of Robert Frost, to be published by Harvard University Press.

Elise Viebeck completed an initial transcription with annotations of Czeslaw Milosz's teaching notebooks, "Manichaeism Old and New."  The Goudl Center intends to publish them as part of a developing collaboration with the Milosz Institute (see Affiliated Institutions" at left).

Academic Year 2007-08

Amy Berg will work with Dr. Paul Hurley (Philosophy) in designing the new philosophy module for the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics major at CMC.

Jason Foong will assist Dr. Arthur Rosenbaum (History) in a historiographical study of modern Chinese history textbooks from different areas of China.

Max Hodge will assist Dr. Robert Faggen (Literature).

Matthew Lopez will assist Dr. Christopher Nadon (Government) in restructuring Prof. Nadon's Government 20 (American Government) course and reworking its syllabus to include more readings on the practical workings of American institutions.

Silvia Lu will work with Dr. Audrey Bilger (Literature) on a study of embarrassment and masculinity in the novels of Laurence Sterne—thus advancing Prof. Bilger's larger project, "Embarrassment and the Making of the Modern Self."