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The Claremont Colleges Debate Union has established a series of public events programs designed to facilitate public speaking, argumentation, and debate instruction. The Claremont Debate Seminars, inaugurated in 2003, provide an opportunity for college students and faculty to exchange ideas on speech and debate theory, participate in elective argumentation classes and small group discussions, and engage others in formal and informal academic and public debates.

The Claremont Debate Seminars are open to members of the Claremont Colleges Debate Union, area colleges and universities participating in speech and debate competition, and college outreach programs. An important feature of the seminar series is to provide no-cost opportunities for new, that is, outreach, college programs to receive training and participate in public speaking and debate activities. This helps facilitate the development of new college and university debate programs and supports students who might not yet have the resources or skill for invitational or league competitions.


A typical Friday seminar schedule is:


12:15 PM                              Registration


12:30-1:40 PM                      Debate Round 1


1:45-3:00 PM                        Debate Round 2


3:15-3:55 PM                        Elective Session 1


4:00-4:40 PM                        Elective Session 2


4:45-6:00 PM                        Debate Round 3


For an invitation to the next seminar, scheduled for Friday, January 28, 2005, seminars, download the pdf document "seminar invitation."