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The CCPDI is the leading innovator in debate instruction, pioneering such approaches as advanced student-directed learning in elective classes, CIT (core issue team) research, exclusive small group instruction, individual and small group optional evening tutorials for novice and advanced students, and practicum sessions.

The Claremont Colleges Parliamentary Debate Institute is designed to facilitate seminar and individual instruction, group learning, and student driven choice. In addition, the program provides numerous opportunities for practice. The schedule includes small group instruction on core elements of parliamentary debating, including debate theory, case construction and organization, research, refutation, and parliamentary points. The small groups are divided into experience levels (novice, intermediate, and advanced). College students may select from more than 100 elective classes.

The comprehensive core instructional program, June 17-24, provides more than 35 distinct instructional sessions, including small groups, more than 100 elective sessions, 17 critiqued debates, core issue team research sessions, and optional evening open forums, which include diverse instructional and practice opportunities. The supplemental program, June 24-26, offers an additional an additional 10 instructional sessions, including 8 critiqued debates. A sophisticated and comprehensive curriculum, including applied debate and argumentation theory and practice for students of all experience levels, is prepared by institute administration and faculty well in advance of the start date. The CCPDI is, perhaps, the only summer debate institute for either high school or college students that requires such thorough faculty research, integrated preparation, and lesson planning prior to the event.



Faculty hiring is competitive. The CCPDI attracts an extraordinarily experienced faculty annually; the institute staff and/or the debaters they coached have appeared in the late elimination rounds of all nationally competitive parliamentary and policy tournaments in the US, as well as late elimination rounds at international invitational tournaments at Oxford, Cambridge, and the Worlds Universities Championship. The faculty is limited to those individuals who have established a successful coaching career for five years or more. In fact, the faculty is so experienced that several of the staff have trained more college debate faculty than many instructors at other summer debate institutes have taught students.

This year's faculty includes coaches of more than a dozen national and international debate champions; has teaching experience at more than 300 summer debate institute sessions; has coached college champions in multiple formats (parliamentary, policy, and Lincoln-Douglas) to address the diverse backgrounds and needs of college parliamentary debaters; includes international debate consultants who have hosted debate institutes and instructional seminars in Italy, China, the United Kingdom, Slovenia, Serbia and Macedonia, the Czech Republic, Korea, and Croatia; includes the authors of 4 debate textbooks.