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The Claremont Colleges Debate Union sponsors campus and community professional development and undergraduate conferences and workshops. The mission of the Professional Debate and Communications Conference Series is to develop a sophisticated understanding of public speaking, argumentation, critical thinking, and debate, as well as related applications to research and evaluation, instructor and student training, and electronic publishing.

The Debate Union brings together outstanding and experienced leaders to provide opportunities for cooperative professional learning. Conferences are a productive way of sharing information on innovative approaches to speech and debate training, program testing, and sustainability. These events focus on such key topics as debate and critical thinking, research and evaluation of debate and educational outreach initiatives, instructor training, judge certification, the development of debate training for EFL students and debate promotion in languages other than English, and national and international educational, cultural, and social exchanges.


Conferences also identify emerging trends in the field for future development meetings, including interactive development conferences and broadcast events on the internet, argumentation in emerging democracies, intercultural communication, student-led conferences, and debate and curriculum development in secondary schools.


Additional workshops provide opportunities for faculty and students to practice techniques that have proven effective, including professional extemporaneous speaking and impromptu argumentation skills. Instructors are from the Claremont Colleges Debate Union or other widely respected public speaking and debate professionals. Workshops are scheduled during each semester and include topics such as


• Overcoming speech anxiety

• Effective public speaking techniques

• Non-verbal communication

• Narrative speech structure

• Integration of visual aids and computer-generated images

• Argumentation and refutation


Conference information is archived and registered participants receive program guides, background reports, papers, and other text and video resources on a DVD. Workshop participants receive primers on effective public speaking and argumentation, as well as other instructional materials and sample video demonstrations on CD-ROM.


This site contains information on the Professional Conference Series, including calls for papers, upcoming conferences, archives of previous conference and video presentations, and registration for workshops and other events.


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Please review this site at a later date for information on the next conference event.