Student Research Analysts - Summer 2008

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Alexander Bonnett '09
Alex is a senior at Claremont McKenna College majoring in Economics and planning on completing the Financial Economics Sequence. He is also considering the new Masters of Finance program. Alex plays third base for the Stags baseball team and is also a member of both the Invest Club and Claremont McKenna Student Investment Fund. After graduation, Alex hopes to pursue a career in investment banking or asset management.


Freya Lee '09
Freya, a San José, CA native, will graduate in the spring of 2009 with a dual major in Economics and Mathematics and the Financial Economics Sequence. Most of her time outside of studies is devoted to CMC Christian Fellowship and tutoring at-risk children as part of Kidcare International's Study Buddies program. At this point in time, Freya is not sure where she is being called career-wise, but she knows that the skills and knowledge she has gained from the CMC Mathematics, Economics, and Finance departments will take her a long ways in helping society.


Nikolas Miller '10
Nikolas is a junior at Claremont McKenna College from Pasadena, CA. He is pursuing a double major in Mathematics and Economics and completing the Financial Economics Sequence. He is also strongly considering the Robert A. Day 4 + 1 BA/MBA program. In addition to working for the FEI, Nikolas works with Dr. Betty Borden, Ph.D. as a psychological office assistant, and he has worked with Dr. Borden in the past as a research assistant. This past summer he interned at a small Merrill Lynch branch in Arcadia, CA. Although still uncertain as to exactly what field, after graduation, Nikolas hopes to pursue a career in finance, most likely in consulting or banking and earn his MBA.


Jane Pan, HMC '09
Jane is a senior at Harvey Mudd College double majoring in Mathematics at Harvey Mudd and Economics at CMC. She plans to complete the Financial Economics Sequence. In addition to working as a student research analyst at the Financial Economics Institute, she is involved in solo piano performance. She hopes to pursue a career in asset management after graduation.


Ben Preskill, HMC '09
Ben is a senior at Harvey Mudd College majoring in mathematics with a concentration in financial economics. Ben has performed research in mathematical biology, applied partial differential equations, medicine, and, as of this summer, finance. He has significant background in mathematics, physics, computer science, and economics, and has received several academic distinctions, including the Goldwater scholarship. Ben is also CTO and co-founder of SoundSpace, an online music-oriented start-up. Ben considers a career in finance or business likely.


Nick Sparks '10
Nick is a junior at CMC dual majoring in Economics and Literature, and plans to complete the Financial Economics Sequence. Originally from La Cañada, California, Nick is a Southern California native that grew up playing sports and Frisbee golf. In addition to working as a Research Analyst for the Financial Economics Institute, Nick is the Principal of Media & Gaming for the Student Investment Fund, Head of the Public Relations group for the Claremont Finance Conference, and a defender on the Stag's Soccer team. After graduation, Nick plans to work in finance.

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