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Salvador Valadez

Salvador Valadez

  • Length of service: Since 4/18/88
  • Duties: Salvador takes care of the Bauer area 9th St. and some of the sports fields. He is responsible for the pruning and cleaning and other maintenance required to keep that area so nice! One of the other things that Salvador is called upon to do is to line the soccer, track, football and baseball fields.

    When asked what he likes best about his job, Salvador explains that he likes to be outside, so he likes all his duties. Sometimes we work in groups and sometimes alone, he likes it both ways!

  • Outside interests/hobbies: Salvador enjoys working around his house and yard when he has time at home.
  • Background: Prior to coming to CMC, Salvador worked in Chino at an upholstery factory. He likes it better here!

    Before coming to this country Salvador worked on a ranch in Mexico. He did many aspects of ranching, working with horses, cows, goats, etc.

    Salvador has family in Los Angeles; in 1972 they encouraged him to come here to make a better life. He did and has been here ever since!

  • Family: Salvador has a daughter Leticia, and 3 sisters who still live in Mexico.

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