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Founded in May 2012 and launched January 2013, Seersucker is a digital magazine dedicated to publishing the best writing from millennials. Young voices are vastly underrepresented in the media and we are changing that. Seersucker judges media solely on its content, depth and perspective. A writer’s credentials and resume aren’t as important as what they put on the page.

Writers should write about what they are passionate about. When writers are invested in their stories, the quality of writing is palpable. We all see the world differently and a variety of perspectives and opinions should see the light. Everyone has something to share.

We won’t hide our opinions and you shouldn’t hide yours. We want liberal stories as well as conservative stories; local stories as well as global stories. We simply want the most honest, relevant content there is. And this philosophy goes beyond stories; we encourage you to comment on articles and further the discussion. We want discourse, debate and (non violent) arguments.

Team Members

  • Richie Siegel - Founder/Editor


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