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23rd Annual Kravis – de Roulet Conference

The 23rd Annual Kravis- de Roulet Conference is coming up soon! Join us to discuss the Future of Lea...

Pitch event with Mike Sekits ’88 and Robert Ketterer ’85

On Thursday, October 30th from 4:00 – 7:00 PM, the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship w...

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Providing insight for smart investment

Augno, which stands for augmented knowledge, is a learning engine that provides not just information but insight: Augno can analyze data as well as text, and Augno will find patterns that actually make sense. Given any financial security, it searches for relevant information across the internet, constructs robust patterns, and provides the most logical advice based on existing data and knowledge, just like what analysts and traders do, but on a higher level of efficiency and consistency. With productivity gains from machine intelligence, the company hopes to provide better and more affordable advisory and investment services.

Team Members

  • Zihao Song - CEO
  • Liyang Li - Partner
  • Tianyu Gu - Partner
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