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Athenaeum Lunch Talk with Fernando Fabre

The topic of Mr. Fabre’s lunch talk will be High Impact Entrepreneurship:  Lessons from Aroun...

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Providing insight for smart investment

Augno, which stands for augmented knowledge, is a learning engine that provides not just information but insight.  Our database needs a better model than a table to achieve higher intelligence, and the (short) answer is a hypergraph. A hypergraph can be used to represent anything in the universe, at least from an information-theoretic point of view, and it comes with sophisticated mathematical operations that allow for intelligent behavior, and it is intuitive enough because you can easily picture it. So we started developing a modern middleware and computation engine for big data that is powerful enough to handle (almost) all your input, output, and computation needs, while being simple and elegant. We call this tool, Atlas.


Team Members

  • Zihao Song - CEO
  • Liyang Li - Partner
  • Tianyu Gu - Partner
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