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While CIE develops its own “homegrown” resources, there are many external resources with knowledge to provide.

This page lists some of our favorite resources across all categories for your venture’s needs. Whether you need to learn how to code, market your business effectively through social media, or write founders agreements, this database will provide some useful knowledge by experienced entrepreneurs. CIE constantly updates this page to add resources as we discover them. If you have suggestions of your favorite online resources, let us know!

External Resources

Links to helpful resources outside of CIE.


Startup Job websites

Understanding Startups



      • Code Academy | free online coding class
      • CodeHS | coding classes with access to online teachers
      • W3 Schools | online tutorials on website development

Market Research


Resources from other Entrepreneurship Programs


Blogs on Entrepreneurship

Startup & Tech News


      • Krash | A network of shared-living spaces called Krashpads.
      • Docstoc | Business Courses



Links to recommended tools.



Building Websites

Project Management

      • Asana | Task Management

Design and Branding

      • 99 Designs | Crowdsourced Graphic Design Marketplace


    • MailChimp | Email Marketing and List Management
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