Interdisciplinary Science Scholarship

Deadline for Application: December 1


A grant from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funds the Interdisciplinary Science Scholarship, providing full-tuition scholarships for 10 to 13 entering freshmen every year. Designed for students interested in pursuing both a science and non-science double or dual major while at CMC, students will be asked to explore the idea of science leadership via a dual or double major such as government-biology, international relations-physics, chemistry-Spanish or one of a host of other possible combinations available within CMC’s exhaustive curriculum.

Specifically, the scholarship awards will be focused on outstanding students from lower-income households. ISS Scholars will be selected based on financial need, academic excellence, leadership potential, and passion for science. They will be required to graduate with a dual or double major in a science and non-science discipline.

The Process: Part 1 - Common Application

Students who wish to be considered for the Interdisciplinary Science Scholarship should apply to CMC by submitting both The Common Application and the CMC Supplement to the Common Application. Students should be sure to indicate one of two options: 1) Intended majors in both a science and non-science discipline or 2) Intended interest in an interdisciplinary major. Please note, while majors may change once in college, students applying for this scholarship should already be committed to completing a double or dual major in a science and a non-science discipline. Please submit your application no later than December 1.

Option 1: Science + Non Science Majors

Environmental Science
Molecular Biology
Organismal Biology & Ecology


Any Non-Science Major

Option 2: Interdisciplinary Majors

Environment, Economics & Politics
Management Engineering
Science & Management

The Process: Part 2 - CSS Profile

Families should fill out The College Scholarship Service PROFILE. Please submit your CSS Profile no later than January 1. We realize that this may be difficult for families due to tax filing and employer W-2 processing realities, but the Office of Financial Aid must be able to verify that your family meets the Total Income requirement as determined by the Gates Foundation. After you have completed your CSS PROFILE, you must submit your tax returns through IDOC. You will be prompted to do this after submitting your PROFILE form.

CSS Profile School Code: 4054

The Process: Part 3 - FAFSA

Please complete the financial aid process by submitting a Federal Application For Student Aid using the federal government’s secure website. Please submit your FAFSA by no later than February 1.

FAFSA School Code: 001170


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions regarding the Interdisciplinary Science Scholarship check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.