CMC senior Sarah Kaslow hosts a blog for her Philosophy Politics and Economics classmates. PPE is one of CMC’s most rigorous and popular programs. Discourse abounds in this program focused on the power of ideas and their application across classic liberal arts disciplines. In other words: These people are smart. Check them out.




Government Professor Jack Pitney’s class on the American Presidency is a perennial favorite on campus. This year it’s especially prescient. The oft-quoted Pitney runs dynamic classes that engage and challenge students on every level. See for yourself why he is one of Claremont McKenna’s MOST popular profs.

CMC’s Research Institutes are not to be left out of the conversation. Each Research Institute contributes mightily to its particular field. The Center for Human Rights Leadership is no exception. This student-run blog has won many awards for its top-flight research and commentary on the ever-evolving landscape of human rights throughout the world.


Study Abroad

Study Abroad Photo Contest

Over 50% of CMC students study abroad. For years we’ve been saying “they go everywhere!” and now we can prove it. CMCABROAD is a student-run initiative that allows the world a glance into what it’s like to be 20 years old and living in a foreign country. Students talk about how their CMC education is helping them navigate this experience, while posting videos and photos that offer fascinating insights into life on other continents.




It has often been said that the proof is not in the pudding, but in the eating. We like to think that’s true around here too. CMC students get a great education, but at some point they have to do something with it. This is where Groundwork Opportunities comes in. Current CMC student Kyle Miller has created his own nonprofit organization that connects young people with a world of service opportunities. This is but one example of how CMC helps students connect knowledge with action. Perhaps we should amend that first sentence. The proof is not in the eating, it’s in the doing. Click and see why.