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New Courses in Spanish for Spring 2014

SPAN 148: Special Topics, Hispanic Culture through Theater and Performance. Prof. Esther Hernández. The course combines the study of Spanish texts related to drama with the practice of some acting and performing skills. The class explores various theatrical styles and schools, analyzing their development and examining how they relate to Hispanic culture. The students will also put into practice some of the creative techniques that integrate the theatrical panorama of Ibero-American theater. Taking the “performer's place” should provide the students with self-confidence and independence in the use of the language, considering that they have to perform and even improvise theatrical scenes. MW 2:45-4:00.

SPAN 154: Women in Spain: Making History. Prof. Raquel Vega-Durán. From the Middle Ages to the 21st century, women have played an essential part in Spanish society, politics, and culture. Through manuscripts, films, political speeches, novels, and visual art, we’ll study the voices and experiences of women in Spanish history. We consider women´s lives in the “Three Spains” (Al-Andalus, Hispania, and Sepharad); Medieval beguines and witches; Goya’s nineteenth-century depictions of women at war; and the Civil War anti-facist group “Las trece rosas” – as well as individuals such as Queens Isabel and Sofía, the legendary lieutenant Catalina de Erauso, politician Clara Campoamor, painter Remedios Varo, and filmmaker Icíar Bollaín, among others. MW 1:15-2:30.