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The study of foreign languages and literature enables students to develop the skills and competence necessary to appreciate the richness of different cultures and societies. The study of foreign languages is a necessary component of students’ general education. It increases opportunities for those interested in careers in law, international relations, foreign service, teaching, public policy and business.

Major requirements set by the department are flexible and can be, with departmental approval, adjusted to respond to individual students’ interests and needs.

Students will not receive credit for college work that duplicates other college courses, or for foreign language study completed in high school.

The modern languages curricula are based on intercollegiate, cooperative programs among the five Claremont Colleges. Claremont McKenna College offers Arabic, French, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish; other modern languages offered at the Claremont Colleges include Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian and Spanish at Pomona; French, German, Italian, Spanish at Scripps; Spanish at Pitzer; and Chinese at Harvey Mudd. Enrollment in lower level language courses requires written permission.

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Asociación Internacional de Literatura y Cultura Femenina Hispánica XXIII Congreso Anual The Claremont Colleges


We are pleased to welcome Professor Norman Valencia, who will teach PORT 22, Intensive Introductory Portuguese

For students with previous exposure to a Romance language (Spanish, French, Italian, or Latin) MTWR 11:00

Portuguese today is spoken by an estimated 230 million people in four continents, making it a truly global language. It is also the language of Brazil, the 5th largest country in the world, and an emerging economic and political powerhouse with an exciting array of cultural expressions. Enhance your knowledge of Latin America through Brazilian literature, music, sports, architecture and film, and find out what samba, capoeira, and Carnaval are really all about. It will be “legal, bacana, lindo maravilhoso”!

PORT 33, the continuation, will be offered in Spring 2014.

Questions? Contact Prof. Lee Skinner, Spanish and Portuguese coordinator, at or x73528. ¡Obrigada!

Norman Valencia comes to CMC from Bogota, Colombia, where he is currently the Academic Subdirector of the Instituto Caro y Cuervo. He earned his Ph.D. in Spanish and Portuguese from Yale in 2009 and is a specialist in 20th century Latin American literature. At CMC he will teach courses in both Portuguese and Spanish.

Fulbright Winners in Modern Languages

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures congratulates Anna Cho, Cody Klock, Susie Lee, Carlos Rivas, and Heather Siegel, Fulbright Award winners for 2012-13. Nation-wide, over 7000 students applied for 1500 Fulbrights in teaching and research this year, and we are delighted that our students have been successful in winning this prestigious and highly competitive award.

Carlos Rivas, (CMC) a dual major in Spanish and Government, will be teaching English in Argentina. He took classes at CMC and also studied in Buenos Aires for a semester.

Heather Siegel, (CMC) a double major in French and Government, will teach English in Belgium. She took upper-division courses in French every semester during her four years at CMC, and during her Junior year, studied at the Sorbonne in Paris. Heather wrote an honors thesis in French titled "Les ambitions de Sarkozy et le leadership français dans l’intervention en Libye de 2011". (Sarkozy's ambitions and French leadership in the 2011 intervention in Libya)

Anna Cho (Scripps) will teach English in South Korea. She took the full complement of courses offered in Korean at CMC.

Cody Klock (Pitzer) will teach English in South Korea. She took Korean 33 at CMC.

Susie Lee (CMC), a double major in International Relations and Psychology, will teach English in South Korea. She took Korean 44 at CMC.

Olivia Uranga, (CMC) will teach English in Bahrain. She took the full complement of Arabic courses offered at CMC. Olivia studied abroad in Oman during the Spring 2011 semester and participated in the CMC Summer Program in Jordan in 2011.