Sven W. Arndt, Ph.D.

Areas of Expertise

International Trade and Finance, Economic Development of Europe and Mexico, Exchange Rates, Macroeconomics, Political Economy, Regional Economic Integration

Selected Research and Publications

  • "The 'Great Moderation' in a Dual Exchange Rate Regime," Presidential Address, IT&FA, Global Economy Journal (November 2012)
  • "Policy Challenges in a Dual Exchange Rate Regime," Korea and the World Economy, 13, 2 (August 2012)
  • "Stabilization Policy in an Economy with Two Exchange Rate Regimes," Global Economy Journal, 12, 2 (June 2012)
  • "Free Trade and Its Alternatives," in M.E. Kreinin and M.G. Plummer (eds.), Handbook on International Commercial Policy (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012)
  • "Adjustment in an Open Economy with Two Exchange-Rate Regimes," Journal of Economic Asymmetries, 8, No. 2 (December 2011)

Sven W. Arndt, Ph.D.

Charles M. Stone Professor of Money, Credit and Trade

Education: B.A., University of Western Ontario, Canada; M.A., Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley.
Department: Robert Day School
Office Hours:
Phone: (909) 607-7571
Address: Bauer Center 303
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Media Contact

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